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Oral Presentations Online

September 28, 2021
Interestingly, there is little research regarding best practices for incorporating oral presentations into online courses (McDougall & Holden, 2017). When developing online courses, instructors often avoid assigning presentations due to logistical concerns (Kenkel, 2011). However, the benefits of oral presentations as a form of assessment are significant enough to necessitate overcoming these fears.

Designing and Managing Large Online Courses

September 24, 2021
Teaching in the online modality can be tricky on its own, so what about when you have a large class?

Increase Engagement Now

September 24, 2021
Curious about how to increase student engagement in your online course? Whether you’re mid-course design or you're already teaching, the following tasks are actionable, simple to integrate, and represent a variety of ways to increase engagement in your course!

Plan, Build, Teach

Envision contains resources for every phase of the build process, from the outlining phase through grading and, eventually, making targeted revisions. Use the buttons below to explore our offerings by category.


The Plan phase starts with design thinking. What do you want students to get out of your course? How will you assess their learning, what kind of multimedia will you use, and what steps will you take to ensure that your course is accessible to all learners?


The Build phase starts where outlining stops. It involves building framing pages, content pages, and assessments, and requires that instructors transform their on-ground content for the online modality.


Online courses may be built out in advance of the term start, but they certainly don't teach themselves! Online instructors have to navigate unique challenges such as building community and checking in with students remotely.

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